Big Society: we’re built for it!

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. So when David Cameron firstly announced the launch of the Big Society and then today reaffirmed his vision to make the Big Society work, here at Eventility we thought… there’s a thing… we’ve got an app for that.

Actually, it’s not an App, it’s a platform for committed people to achieve amazing things and it’s not about the network it’s about the social. Of course there’s nothing that we love more than tweets about what you had for breakfast this morning but we couldn’t help but think what if an internet platform could help us create communities in the real world that actually DO stuff.

So, we’re in agreement with the PM – the most exciting things in society are the things people do by getting together with like-minded folks. And when we say getting together… we don’t mean they swapped virtual crystals in an online world… we mean they actually got together and started a new sporting league, created a new society, brought their community together and worked towards a shared real world goal. Like these volunteers talking enthusiastically to the BBC about the Big Society.

In reality this means running the local pub, sorting out the local bus timetable, helping to get housing plans agreed, running a club for young kids to play a sport – basically it’s local people coming together to make local life better.

Of course a lot of this is about organising people and making sure everyone knows where and when to meet to plan what’s required and then actually making it happen. It’s the detail, it’s the logistics, it’s the stuff that should be so much easier to organise these days. And then it’s the promotion, making sure people find out about it, updating a website, or many websites or pushing out the message to Facebook and Twitter. You guessed it, Eventility is built to serve all of these purposes and many more besides… why not check us out, we’re all about people, places and the things we do and best of all we’re FREE!