Government considers size restrictions on group events and meetings

The government is considering restricting the size of public meetings and events due to high risk terrorism threats and the current social unrest.  It is understood that the department handling the task of reviewing the law is the Big Society department headed up by Francis Maude.

‘When we say big society we don’t expect to see mobs of people gathering together, we need an orderly society, with the growth of social networks online and in particular, offline, we need to ensure democracy will not be undermined by special interest groups shouting louder than others by organising events though the use of Social network tools’ a spokesperson for Big Society has been quoted as saying, ‘Big society should not get too big for its boots. We’re watching and monitoring the situation carefully’.

A special meetings passport for groups of over 50 with a special exclusion for sports events are under consideration and will be debated in Parliament within weeks. The office of Francis Maude had no statement to offer when contacted directly other than saying they would release a statement when the time was appropriate.

Besides the proposed passport, the Government is also proposing a ‘road sign’ meeting ban symbol.


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