Has the slow economy pushed more people online?

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, people still found ways to get together, despite the hard economic times. Today, people are looking for business blogging sites, Facebook and Linked-in seeking jobs or just connecting with others.

During the Great Depression, poor folks watched Charlie Chaplin do his best to find a job (and keep it), fix up his house, and find the lady of his dreams. The audience had something in common with Chaplin’s characters, so they got the jokes, and the jokes brought them all together.

During these modern days we’re slogging through our own recession that doesn’t offer much to laugh about. A lot of people are facing those same struggles with work, housing, and even relationships. Just like Chaplin’s films showed the angst of those times, more and more people today are sharing the anxiety and worry of these modern times. Only we’re not doing it with slapstick and silent movies. We’re posting on blogs, sharing photos, and twittering.

Commiserating with like-minded people can bring relief and comfort, but it can also impact our decisions. We aren’t sheep, blindly following anything willing to lead, but when every penny counts, it’s good to know how friends made similar choices.


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