Libraries that lend people?

Community leaders should look at novel ways of helping and enticing individuals to learn and up-skill themselves. Instead of solely relying on the lending out of physical and electronic books, libraries could be lending out knowledgeable people. This could be a unique service in which the public can borrow volunteers with particularly interesting skills or histories. Once requested,the lender could meet their “living book” in the library’s cafe for hour-long, one to one sessions.

People that have a wealth of experience in particular fields of interest, and that are now either in retirement,or have lost their jobs through economic circumstances, could volunteer themselves out to Adult Education providers and to university students in need of practical advice from someone that has been there and done particular subject before.

On the other end of the spectrum, the younger generation could impart skills and knowledge to the older generation, with skills and knowledge taught to them in today’s classrooms around the country.

This would also create an environment, for people from different backgrounds and age groups, to come together with shared knowledge, to improve the society in which they live.


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