When I’m scheduling a social meeting, what sort of details should I include in the description?

When you’re scheduling a new Event for your Club, Gorup or Community (CGC) calendar, you’ll want to include as many details as possible about what your CGC will be doing.

That way, everyone in your CGC will know what they can expect when they’re deciding whether or not to RSVP to that particular event.

Describing your event is your chance to really convey just how great your next Meeting is going to be. Some things you might want to include:
– What will you be doing at your CGC?
– What will it be like?
– Will it be an activity? A discussion? A presentation?
– What’s an interesting issue we’ll discuss?
– Who’s presenting? What will they present?
– Do members need to bring anything?
– Who should come? Are newcomers welcome?
– Who shouldn’t come?
– What should a newcomer expect?
– Why should people come?
– How will members benefit from coming to your GCG?
– How long will the event be?
– Is it okay to arrive late?

The more details you can provide, the more vivid the image of the event will be in the reader’s mind. That mental image will entice them to attend.


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