Eventility Ambassadors wanted.

Flexible work to suit your availability – call for more details!

Want a great fun job with hours to suit you and the potential to earn high rewards? Then perhaps you should become an Ambassador for Eventility Ltd.

You’ll need to visit every place in your area which may benefit from the Eventility features and sell them a subsription to Eventility. The sort of places you’ll visit includes cafes, bistros, restaurants, village halls, sports centres, gyms, bars, clubs, country houses, national trust properties, tea rooms, tourist attractions, museums, galleries, gardens, church halls, hotels and any other place type.

You need to approach the manager of the given place, explain how Eventility can work to help increase the loyalty and footfall from existing customers and will help to deliver new customers. How they can use the business building toolkit (free if they sign up for a year and worth £30 (2 drop boxes, 200 sign up cards, 3 posters)) to build a local community which they can then target with offers and who will be automatically updated.

Eventility will supply sales literature and training.
Interested? Call Robin or Paul on: 0845 680 7937 or email heretohelp@eventility.co.uk


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