Your Events, Your Stuff…

Here at eventility HQ we’re working hard and fast tweaking the service to provide you with the simplest and most effective way to create manage and promote your events, clubs, groups, communities and places. Following the recent launch of our new site design (eventility 3.0) we’ve been thrilled with all the positive feedback you’ve been providing. Under the covers some of the performance updates may be less visible, but here are a couple of changes you’ll see straight away.

Your Events…

Since it is your event, not ours, all invite and reminder emails are now sent with the event photo or logo standing out loud and proud. In addition we’ve made the RSVP call to action even clearer by adding buttons into the body of the email.

Your Stuff…

We’ve added the handy dandy new navigation feature “My Stuff” to allow you to access any of your events, clubs, groups, communities or places from wherever you happen to be. Just hover the mouse and voila, you can choose anywhere you want to go in your eventilist world.

My Stuff

Your Feedback…

Well, we hope you like the changes, and don’t forget, we love feedback, so please keep those feature requests and discussion coming, over at our support forum

and watchout, there’s more coming soon!

The Eventility Team


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