Eventility, (www.eventility.com) a service that lets groups of people, event owners and venues organise and promote themselves either free or low cost, today announced its new ticketing feature with PayPal®.

Eventility Ltd. have integrated with PayPal to provide Eventility users with the ability to sell tickets to their events, either paid or free, online.

Eventility.com is an organisation and promotion platform that allows anyone to create, manage and promote events, clubs, groups and communities for free. It enables people to find out what is happening locally while also helping people to get involved and build networks around their interests. Eventility offers an easy to use professional web interface, RSVP and reminder emails, SMS reminders, subscription payments, the ability to sell tickets and run offers, integration with Facebook and Twitter, online and phone support and much more.

The platform fully integrates social networking in new ways that evolve the traditional group management experience. A companion app will be available on tablets and smartphones from March/April 2012, providing instant sync capabilities for a seamless experience.

Eventility users can quickly and simply sell their tickets online; all they need is a free PayPal account to collect their revenue.  Tickets can be configured swiftly when they set up their event online and will receive a real time revenue report, door list and VAT report (once the event has finished). Each ticket is assigned a unique ID and can be scanned on the door for comparison with the door list, by using a QR code reader on a smartphone.

“At Eventility we’re always looking to make organisation and promotion easy, so we’re delighted to add another feature – ticketing.  I’m sure our users will enjoy the simplicity of using the ticketing function, enabling them to easily sell tickets for their events, large or small. ” Said Robin Brattel, Eventility CEO

For more information contact: Robin Brattel, CEO Eventility, robin@eventility.co.uk or 07944 444242.