Matthew Hoggard Joins Global Cricket Community as Ambassador

Matthew HoggardLondon, UK. January 30, 2014

Joinin, a new social network that helps people make the most of their free time with the things they love doing, is delighted to announce that world-renowned cricketer, Matthew Hoggard MBE, has become their Global Cricket Community Ambassador.

Launched by and, the Global Cricket Community – – is for cricket players and fans everywhere.

The Global Cricket Community features:

  • Exclusive cricket news, content and prizes
  • The ability to find everything cricket nearby, matches, clubs, events, pitches and more
  • The Global Cricket Community ‘Live Feed’ where members can chat and share cricket videos, photos, scorecards and documents
  • Ability to find local people to play with
  • Celebrity Ambassador Matthew Hoggard

Cricket clubs also get an easy and free way to organize and promote their own events and activities with joinin’s powerful suite of free club organization tools. As cricket coaches, organizers and managers post new content, it is updated in real-time to the Global Cricket Community and the mobile app, giving an up-to-date, unparalleled view of what’s happening in cricket.

Joinin’s free tools help cricket clubs to organize everything from training and managing fixtures, to collecting subs and selling tickets. Simple email and SMS services ensure that players turn up on time and they can chat and share photos securely with their team in their own ‘live feed’.

“I’m delighted to be involved with and I am looking forward to getting people to joinin with the Global Cricket Community, I will be uploading regular posts regarding my thoughts on matters cricket as well as interacting with as many members of the global cricket community as possible.”

Matthew Hoggard  

Matthew will be interacting with fans and players daily in the Global Cricket Community feed and joinin social media channels, chatting and posting views and content on cricket, coaching techniques and more, including interesting stories from his career in cricket. He will also be making personal appearances at cricket clubs and events.

As Ambassador, on Thursday 30 January 2014, Matthew will be bowling the first ball of a record breaking net attempt.

When fellow teammate Wayne Chessum survived two brain tumours, Dave Newman and Richard Wells of Billingborough Cricket Club in Lincolnshire made up their minds to break a world record.  From 30th January to 1st February 2014, the pair will attempt to bat for 48 hours in the indoor nets at the Northgate Sports Centre in Sleaford. They are aiming to raise £10,000 in aid of Brain Tumour Research UK.

See more at:

Joinin is donating £1,000 towards the £10,000 target.

“As lifelong cricket fans and players, we’re so excited to be working with Matthew Hoggard, a cricket legend, on the Global Cricket Community. At joinin we’re committed to supporting cricket by increasing understanding and participation by giving fans, players, clubs and associations the free tools to do this. We’re also really proud to be supporting the amazing work of Brain Tumour Research UK”

Robin Brattel, CEO of joinin. is covering the event live and running a live auction during the event for Brain Tumour Research UK.

“We are delighted to be involved with the World Record attempt and to help raise money for the charity. The Global Cricket Community partnership with joinin is an ideal way to showcase everything that is great about the game as well as providing clubs, schools and fans with ways of joining in and sharing their love of cricket.”

Alastair Symondson,

The Global Cricket Community is growing and anyone can find out what’s going on near them by visiting

About joinin is a social network that helps people make the most of their free time with the things they love doing.

Our goal is to bring people together in the real world – To help everyone spend more time doing the things they’re interested in, with like-minded others.

You can use joinin to:

  • Join in with, or become the founder member of a joinin community of something you love
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  • Meet people nearby with shared interests
  • Discover things to do
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About Matthew Hoggard, MBE.

Matthew Hoggard MBE, is one of the most successful international cricketers to have played for England. He retired from playing First Class cricket in 2013 whilst at Leicestershire County Cricket Club where, after leaving his home county of Yorkshire at the end of the 2009 season, he had a successful period. He was a vital member of the inspirational England side that won the epic 2005 Ashes series and has been a model of consistency throughout his test and ODI career, representing his country on 93 occasions.

About Cricket World® is one of the world’s leading cricket websites and broadcasts both live cricket radio and cricket TV programming, on the Internet, as well as featuring cricket news and stories from the International and First Class game to Club and Youth cricket around the world


Matthew Hoggard,

Holly Woodford, Head of Communities,,

Satu Pitkänen, Head of Marketing,,

Alastair Symondson, Head of Media,,

Eventility Helps Supercharge Cricket by Partnering with Cricket World®

Cricket world

Eventility has announced its partnership with Cricket World, to create, the Global Cricket Community. The Community uses Eventility’s ‘Engage’ solution, which seamlessly connects multiple clubs, events and cricket related activities together.  It brings communications, events, payments, member and data management into one, easy to use place. ‘Engage’ helps solve the problem of managing and promoting networks and capturing meaningful, connected and up-to-date information.

Cricket clubs get an easy way to organize and promote their own events and activities with a powerful suite of free tools. As coaches, organizers and managers post new content, it is updated in real-time to, and the soon to be launched mobile app giving an up-to date, unparalleled view of what’s happening in the cricket community.

Eventility’s powerful free tools help clubs to organize everything from training to managing Eventilityfixtures, to collecting subs and selling tickets. Simple email and SMS services ensure that players turn up on time and they can chat and share photos securely with their team in their own ‘live feed’. They can also manage and chat on the move with from the mobile app.

Coming up on are UK club cricket results, fixtures and top performances, UK club cricket Most Valuable Player ratings and exclusive prize competitions and cricket product offers.

The partnership with Eventility is going to be fantastic for Cricket World and club cricket in general.  Not only does it provide clubs with amazing free tools to help manage their clubs, events and members, but the Engage solution powering the Global Cricket Community means we’ll always have the latest data for our members and clubs, as well as statistics to show participation across cricket.”  Said Alastair Symondson – Head of Media, Cricket World.

“As life long cricket fans and players, working with Cricket World to develop a Global Cricket Community and provide cricket clubs with free organization tools is amazing.  At Eventility we’re committed to supporting sports generally by increasing and understanding participation and with Cricket World we’re delighted to be supporting cricket.

Robin Brattel, CEO of Eventility.

The Global Cricket Community is growing and anyone can find out what’s going on near them by going to: or

 About Eventility®  

 Helping Organizers Organize and People Take Part.

Eventility® is the easy-to-use online platform specially built to help organizers organize events, clubs, groups, communities and places.  It also enables people to meet others with shared interests and for everyone to take part.

We also work with associations, alumni and media partners to build national and global communities of connected people, events, clubs/chapters, places and content.

Eventility removes the pain and hassle associated with running and marketing any activity or business, however large or small, via our website, mobile apps or API.

Founded in 2011 by Robin Brattel, our independently backed business is now being used by thousands of organizers and people across the globe.

About Cricket World®

Cricket World® is one of the world’s leading cricket websites and broadcasts both live cricket radio and cricket TV programming on the Internet.

The Cricket World magazine was founded in 1987 and Cricket World‘s website went online in 1996 and its content now includes – cricket live scores, cricket news, live cricket ball-by-ball text coverage of all Test cricket, ODI cricket and Twenty20 international cricket matches. It has one of the most comprehensive in-depth cricket statistics on all the international and first-class cricketers to have played the game and much much more.

Our ever-increasing video production includes daily news updates, historical pieces and match reviews Monday to Friday as well as high-profile interviews with cricketers, administrators and fans of the game. We also produce regular cricket betting preview shows.

We pride ourselves on providing extensive and insightful editorial coverage of all major cricket tournaments with a commitment to get news out to you quickly without sacrificing accuracy or integrity.

We produce regular podcasts, both rounding up the daily news from around the world and catching up with our correspondents at specific tournaments.

Our own unique Most Valuable Player Ratings give a snapshot of which players – from international to domestic and club cricket in the UK – are currently in form, taking into account all performances over the last 12 months and being updated daily. You can also use our historic MVP checker to see who was performing well on any date in history.


To learn more about this community, please contact:

Robin Brattel, Founder and CEO, Eventility

Alastair Symondson – Head of Media, Cricket World.

The Top 10 Sporting Events in the World

From Wimbledon and the World Cup to the Olympics and Formula 1, sports has the power to bring people all around the world closer together. Millions of us enjoy watching and participating in our favourite activity but what are the most popular sporting events in the world? According to Rhino Car Hire, here are the top 10 most eagerly awaited events in the sporting calendar.

Whats the source for this?

10) Cricket World Cup

Despite having a massive fan base in India, the Cricket World Cup is not as popular as some might expect. The main reason for this is many cricket fans see the test matches as the ultimate contest, with the Ashes rivalry between England and Australia being particularly popular. Nonetheless, with plenty of excitement and inexplicable force regularly demonstrated in the Cricket World Cup, it still manages to secure a position as the tenth most popular sporting event in the world.

9) Melbourne Cup Horse Racing

The city of Melbourne in Australia plays host to the number one thoroughbred horse race in the country. The event is so popular that it has even been declared a national holiday and Australians up and down the country spend the day placing bets on their favourites. Thanks to its high status, the ‘Race that Stops a Nation’ is now recognised as the world’s richest horse racing event.

F18) Formula 1 Racing, Brazil

Although it’s a global sport with many race tracks all around the world, the Brazilian Grand Prix is one of the most memorable events in the season’s schedule. Having witnessed a magnitude of tight races, chaotic circumstances and adverse weather, F1 fans worldwide notoriously look forward to the Brazilian Grand Prix as it’s guaranteed to bring many surprises and much excitement.

7) Rugby World Cup

Rugby is one of the few sports for which World Cup action displays the very best in terms of performance. While the Six Nations and the Tri-Nations Cup are both exciting in their own right, the chance to see the biggest rugby nations battling it out in the World Cup is unforgettable.

6) Ryder Cup Golf

Ryder Cup golf manages to up the ante when it comes to transatlantic rivalry for many different reasons. Firstly, whilst the Americans tend to dominate many sports due to the size of the country, when it comes to golf, the European nations always give them a run for their money. Secondly, the Ryder Cup is unique in the sense that there is no prize money and participants compete purely for the joy of winning, making it a passionate and exciting event to watch.

5) Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are the oldest sporting event in the world and for many, the most popular. With London playing host last year, the country got to experience the excitement, pride and sense of community that comes with the games. Certain events such as the 100m sprint always command world attention with outstanding performers like Usain Bolt regularly breaking world records.

4) Wimbledon Tennistennis

Thanks to its rich history and tradition, out of the four Grand Slam tennis events, Wimbledon probably has the biggest following. Spectators enjoy the fantastic tennis that grass courts produce whilst sipping on champagne and eating strawberries at the height of British summer.

3) Tour de France Cycling

Despite being heavily overshadowed by doping allegations in recent years, the Tour de France still remains one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Perhaps because there is nothing more exciting and entertaining as watching teams of cyclists participate in such a gruelling event that takes place across thousands of miles of beautiful French landscapes.

2) American Football Superbowl

The Americans make a spectacle out of American Football and there certainly is a good reason for it. It’s very much a stop-start game that is more about tactics than fluid motion. It’s a truly exciting game to watch for many as a combination of intense strategy and bone-crunching hits are regularly witnessed. It’s popularity around the world makes this event an advertiser’s dream as it commands the most expensive television air time in the world.

football match1) Champions League Football

Football is the most popular sport in the world and whilst most people would assume that the World Cup is the ultimate event, the quality of the game is actually much higher in the Champions League. One of the reasons for this is because the players know each other much better than they do in the World Cup and therefore play together more cohesively. With the best teams in Europe competing against each other at an extremely high standard, it’s no wonder the Champions League is the most popular sporting event in the world.

Whats your favourite sporting event that takes place throughout the year? Perhaps it’s one that hasn’t been mentioned on this list? Let us know your thoughts.