New Eventility Scan App Checks-in Tickets and Vouchers in Seconds

Eventility is pleased to announce our latest mobile app, Eventility Scan. Developed specially for organisers to simplify the process of validating event tickets at the door and vouchers at point of sale – It only takes seconds to check-in with Eventility Scan.


Eventility ScanThe Eventility Scan App lets you scan the barcode on Eventility tickets and vouchers. It confirms validity, records the check-in against your account and prevents the same ticket/voucher being used twice. The app supports multiple devices and managers so you can have more than one person working the doors.

Simply press the check-in button and Eventility Scanuse your device camera to validate tickets and vouchers. The Android app automatically installs a barcode scanner if needed. Scan the QR code and within a second we’ll validate whether it’s genuine and hasn’t been used before. You can then analyse all your check-in stats online.

The Eventility Scan app is available free on Google play to help make organising and promoting any event or offer really easy.

Android App

Coming Soon

Your Events – Simplified

Eventility V3.3 Introduces a Host of New Event Features

Here at Eventility we love your feedback and are working hard to over-deliver on our promise of ‘Organisation and Promotion Made Easy’.

This week, we’ve got a treat in store when you log-in to add or edit your event. We’ve taken all your feedback and released a new version of our Events Engine with an even simpler interface!

Click the image below or this link to play the 1 minute video overview

Here are a few of the key updates

Events Simplified Video

  • New events check-list guides you through five simple steps
  • Flip from “Organiser View” to “Live View” and see how your event looks to others
  • Event descriptions can be five times longer and include rich-text formatting
  • Attendance tracking has powerful email reporting (opened, clicked, bounced, etc.)
  • Ticketed events
    • Absorb our charge into the ticket cost
    • Ask up to three questions when someone orders their tickets
    • Create promotional codes
  • Promote your event
    • Straight to Facebook or Twitter
    • As a Facebook event
    • With a button on your website
    • With a short link (

As always, we love to hear your feedback so please keep it coming. We’ve got lots more great updates in store just around the corner.

The Eventility Team

The Great British Summer Starts Here…

If you are organising an event this summer look no further than Eventility as the best tool to help you promote it. The google analytics graph below shows how much web traffic was generated for a recent, local, Jubilee event posted to the site. get found on google

We have optimised Eventility for search engines, making it really simple for you to get your events found. There are just a few things to remember.

1. Include the type of event in your title. For example, if you are running a music festival called Rockabilly, using the title “Rockabilly music festival” will help you get found when people search for music festivals.

2. Don’t forget to set your event location. People are usually looking for things to do near them, and search accordingly, so when they type in “Music Festivals Cambridge” your result will be more relevant.

3. Make good use of your event tags. These keywords form another layer of information indexed by search engines. For example, the music festival organiser could use performers names as the keywords, helping to attract people searching for those acts.

Of course these rules equally apply if you are setting up a club, group, community or venue and you want to get the maximum eyeballs.

While we can’t control the weather, we can give you even more help with organising and promoting your event, including selling your event tickets online. Just head over to the Eventility support forums or take a quick tour of the site.