Eventility at International Confex 2013

International ConfexLast week, our CEO Robin Brattel was very excited about attending and speaking at the 30th anniversary International Confex show at ExCel. The exhibition was a massive success and it comes as no surprise that it has been recognised as the UK’s leader for the events industry.

As well as being a great place to do business and seek out inspirational ideas for events, with the aim of bringing like-minded professionals closer together,  International Confex also provides a great opportunity to get that all important face time that can be so difficult to achieve today.

A big focus at this year’s event was modern technology and the impact that it has had on the industry. From mobile phones and online videos to gamification and of course, the rise of the ever-popular social media, there certainly was something for everyone.

Our very own CEO, Robin Brattel was even there to give a speech himself. Robin proudly discussed how social media and online platforms can be used effectively in event organisation and promotion. His eager audience listened on as he discussed how these platforms are currently used in the industry, compared the various methods that can be used and vitally, looked at the effectiveness of each.

Talking to a jam-packed audience, Robin also shared all the new trends occurring in social media and explained how to implement and measure these effectively. For those of you who are interested in learning more about what Robin had to discuss at International Confex, stay tuned because very shortly we will be posting a write-up of the day’s events.

The Benefits of Learning Something New

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Chances are it was weeks, months or even years ago. Whilst some of us love to experiment and engage with new ideas, for the vast majority, we tend to go through everyday life with the same rituals and routines.

While being creatures of habit may be comforting, we often forget how much fun it can be to develop a new skill. As well as igniting your life with a bit of fun, passion and excitement, here are some other important benefits of learning something new.

Sense of Accomplishment

Do you remember how good it felt the first time you rode a bike without the training wheels? Forced yourself to go the gym and complete a good workout? Painted and decorated a room just the way you wanted to? Achieving something for the very first time gives us a massive sense of achievement, boosts our pride and can keep us smiling for days on end. This amazing feeling is what you are missing out on when you get stuck in the same old habits so why not take up boxing, join a bowling club or give that activity you have been talking about for years a go?

Better Time Management Skills

Do you think you’re too busy to add a new hobby into your already hectic life? Think again. Adding something new to your daily or weekly schedule is proven to sharpen your perception of time and time management. In fact, many time management gurus recommend this technique because in order to do the thing you want to do, you will value your time more and use it better. For those of you who use the excuse that you don’t have enough time in your schedule, chances are that you do, but there is nothing new to push you to organise yourself better.

Meet New People

Joining a club, organisation or taking up a new hobby ensures that you are bound to meet new people. Even better, chances are that you are likely to have similar taste in things which paves the way to great new friendships. Meeting new people also gives you access to new views and ideas and best of all, you are sure to meet some interesting characters along the way.

Personal Growth

Learning something new gives you the opportunity to grow and improve yourself. When you push yourself, you will find that you will grow in many other aspects of your life, and you never know, you may even discover a hidden talent you never knew you had. Whether it’s joining a sports club, art class or helping to raise money for charity, the possibilities are endless when it comes to trying something new so what are you waiting for?

At Eventility, we have thousands of registered clubs, groups and events using the website so why not search for inspiration and get ready to learn something new today!

Updates to Eventility.com – New Live Feed, Scan App and Extras

We’ve released a new version of Eventility.com with some fantastic new additions to our service to help you organise and promote your clubs, groups and events with ease.
Live Feed   
Not only can you post messages and reach social networks with one click, but now the ‘live feed’ (formerly known as the message board) on your club and event pages means you can share more.
We’ve added support from embed.ly and Dropbox which means we turn almost any link you share into embedded images, videos, audio and rich media previews. So if you use Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instragram, Slideshare, dropbox plus many more, you can share them on your feed.
It’s a great way to get people involved before, during and after your event.
 Scan App   
Our latest mobile app, Eventility Scan, has been developed specially for organisers to simplify the process of validating event tickets at the door and vouchers at point of sale – It only takes seconds to check-in your customers with Eventility Scan.
The scan app lets you scan the barcode on Eventility tickets and vouchers. It confirms validity, records the check-in against your account and prevents the same ticket/voucher being used twice. The app supports multiple devices and managers so you can have more than one person working the doors.
Eventility Extras 
We’ve simplified purchasing SMS and email bundles and extended the feature so that you can send SMS and tracked email directly to your contacts from your club/group/event/offer.
Texts are a brilliant way to drive footfall and to celebrate this release we’re giving away Bronze pack bundles of 100 SMS credits*
So login and head over to MyAccount/Extras to get up and running with SMS.
We hope you enjoy the new changes, so why not have a look around on Eventility and try out the new features.
We’d really love to hear what you think of the new changes or if you have any site requests, so contact us.
*To claim your free SMS bundle use the Promo Code: MemberList to receive a 100% Discount when you purchase a bronze pack of 100 SMS credits (RRP £10).

Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Although we aim to make the Eventility website as user friendly and easy to use as possible, sometimes issues come up that you may need a hand with. So, if you’re running a club, group or event, here are some of the most common frequently asked questions we receive and how to resolve them.

How much does it cost to sign up to Eventility?

Eventility is absolutely free for people involved with clubs, groups, events and associations. With your free account you have everything you need to organise and manage your club, group or event. You have access to everything you could possibly need including your message board feed, 2,000 email credits every 4 weeks, free tickets, photo galleries and much more. The only time you pay is if you want the extras we offer such as paid tickets, subscriptions, SMS bundles and high volume email send outs.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, simply log in to your Eventility account and click on ‘My Account’ at the top of your screen. Select the ‘Password’ option and complete the required fields by entering your current password and confirm what you want your new password to be. Press ‘Change Password’ and your new password will be activated immediately.

How do Eventility ticket fees compare to other services?

Eventility charges a set fee per ticket of just 50 pence. In addition there are processing fees charged by the payment provider (PayPal). Our closest competitors charge a higher set fee per ticket as well as an additional percentage per transaction. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and never hide our prices from our customers. To see a breakdown of our ticket fees compared to some of our competitors, you can do so here.

How do I import my contacts from my email address book?

Import ContactsRather than manually entering in all of your contact details we’ve made it quick and easy to import your contacts from all the leading email programs.  We support Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Plaxo and of course, Outlook. Whether you are adding new members or inviting people to your event just click the icon and follow the simple onscreen instructions.

How do email credits work?

Email credits are deducted from your account every time you send an email to:

  • Club or group members by using the ‘Contact Options’ dropdown
  • Event invitees by using the ‘Contact Options’ dropdown

Email credits won’t be deducted when you send an email to:

  • Invite contacts to join your club, group or community
  • Send invites to your event
  • Send offers (applies to place subscribers only)
  • Post to the message board/feed
  • Eventility send out email reminders about events on your behalf

All accounts are topped up with a maximum of 2,000 free email credits every 4 weeks. To send out more emails that you have credits for, you can purchase a bundle in the extras tab.

How do I send SMS messages?

You can make sure that your club or group never misses out on any of your events or updates by purchasing an SMS bundle. You can send as many one off messages as you want – we make sure that it all conforms to the Phone Pay Plus Code of Practice so you don’t have to worry about any spam accusations. You can find out more about our SMS bundles and pricing here.

If you have a question that hasn’t been covered here, please feel free to post your query in our support section and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Top 10 Weirdest British (Possibly Sporting) Events

If you need something to do and are looking for an activity that’s a little out of the ordinary, you’re in luck. There are a whole host of weird and wonderful events that take place in the on our shores every year. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 weirdest British events as reported by studentbeans.com.

10) World Pooh Sticks Championships – Oxfordshire – March

Who would have thought that people would take inspiration from one of Winnie The Pooh’s favourite pastimes? Famous for throwing a stick under a bridge and relishing in the sheer joy of waiting for it to appear on the other side, hundreds of Oxfordshire residents now enjoy the annual Pooh Sticks Championships for themselves. In 2012 it was voted Britain’s Favourite Quirky Event by Countryfile readers and this year will see the event celebrate its 30th anniversary.

9) Stilton Cheese Rolling Championship – Stilton – May

Cheese rolling has become an annual event in the town of Stilton and every May Day hundreds of villagers and visitors gather around to watch the event take place. Each year teams of four battle it out for the honour of being crowned the ‘Stilton Cheese Rolling Champions’. Every competitor has to touch the cheese at least once during the competition and the winners receive Stilton and beer or Stilton and wine to help them celebrate.

8) Annual Nettle Eating Contest – Dorset – June

While most of us would avoid coming into contact with stinging nettles at all costs, in Dorset, nettle eating has become a great tradition. Every year contestants are given one hour to eat as many nettles as possible in exchange for a well-deserved trophy and £100 prize money for the winner. As if the pain of eating stinging nettles wasn’t enough, the after-effects aren’t too great either with one former winner claiming that “everything comes out bright green for a few days afterwards”.

7) Snail Racing Championship – Norfolk – July

Despite being far from the most fast-paced event in the world, the annual Snail Racing Championship attracts hundreds of spectators every year. The event has been going since the 1960s and snails have to cover a ratio of 13-14 inches. The fastest time a snail has ever achieved in this competition was 2 minutes in 1995 – a record that no other snail has been able to beat.

6) World Hen Racing Championship – Peak District – August

Despite the fact that it’s virtually impossible to control a chicken and the event normally ends up in complete mayhem, entrants take the World Hen Racing Championship very seriously. The competition’s organiser trains his chosen hen for an hour each day in the months running up to the race in the hope that this will help his hen secure first place. The race is not only all fun and games however, because the day is designed to help raise money for the British Hen Welfare Trust.

5) International Worthing Birdman – Worthing – August

This event is not for the faint-hearted as it’s a human flying machine contest. Competitors are divided into two categories – slightly crazy types in fancy dress and the more serious contenders who spend months designing complex contraptions. There is a £30,000 prize for anyone who flies over 100m but this is yet to be achieved in the competition’s 30-year history.

4) World Gravy Wrestling Championships – Rossendale – August

Every year this Lancashire town witnesses competitors battling out for victory as they slide about in a paddling pool full of lukewarm gravy. Contestants must wrestle in the gravy for 2 minutes whilst being scored for audience applause and various different moves before being crowned the winners. Fortunately, the local fire brigade is on hand to spray down entrants before they make their way home.

3) Black Pudding Throwing Championships – Lancashire – September

This annual tradition plays out the ancient grudge between Yorkshire and Lancashire residents. Competitors have three attempts to knock down as much of their target as they can (last year it was Yorkshire puddings) from a purpose built stand called the oche. Anyone can participate in the event providing they don’t mind dodging the hundreds of puddings that are normally flying around.

2) World Gurning Championships – Cumbria – September

If you are looking for a truly unique event, then the World Gurning Championship is for you. Contestants put their heads through a horse collar and pull the most hideous face they can. The winner is decided by the applause of the huge audience that come to enjoy a day of laughing at others and being surprised at the vast array of shocking faces that are pulled.

1) Biggest Liar in the World Competition – Cumbria – November

In this annual competition, contestants from around the world have five minutes to tell the biggest and most convincing lie they can. The reigning champion and seven-time winner is John Graham who continues to wow the judges year after year. Believe it or not, politicians and lawyers are banned from entering the competitions because they are judged to be too skilled at telling lies and it would be unfair on other entrants.

Do you know of any other crazy events that take place in the UK or around the world? Why not share them with us in the comments section below.

How to Keep Your Eventility Group Thriving

social mediaOnce you have your Eventility group up and running and have organised a couple of successful events, how do you make sure that you don’t run out of steam? There are a number of simple tricks you can employ to make sure that you keep your members interested, active and aware of your upcoming activities.

Encourage Members to Participate           

Promoting your group members into more active roles is a great way to encourage them to participate in discussions more regularly. If you notice there is a particularly eager member of your group, you can set them up as an administrator to encourage them to take more initiative when it comes to starting new threads. Assigning new administrators is quick and easy and you can find out how to do this here.

Use Your Live ‘Feed’

If you want members to remember and interact with your group, it’s important to keep it updated. With nothing new, there is no reason for people to take notice and with everything else going on in their lives, it can easily be forgotten.

The live ‘feed’ (message board) is a great place to ask members to contribute new ideas and start conversations. From exploring new venues and sharing advice to asking for group feedback, these are all ideal ways of keeping the conversation flowing. You can now integrate the fantastic embed.ly into your club, group or event ‘feed’. This means you can turn almost any link you share into embedded images, videos, audio and rich media previews – see just how powerful your message board could become. So if you use Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instragram, Slideshare, dropbox plus many more, you can now share them with your group.

Actively Manage Your Membership

Even if you already have an impressive number of people in your group, you should always be on the lookout to recruit new members to keep it thriving. This can easily be done by talking to people you come across in everyday life and also by promoting your group online. Social media is a fantastic way to spread the word, as is your website and sending out emails.

Eventility offers a number of tools including a plug-in on your website to promote your group and events. You can also post directly to Facebook and Twitter and send out emails from your account to ask members to inform others about your group.

There are lots of great ways to help you promote your group through Eventility. If you have any questions, visit the Eventility support site.

The Top 10 Sporting Events in the World

From Wimbledon and the World Cup to the Olympics and Formula 1, sports has the power to bring people all around the world closer together. Millions of us enjoy watching and participating in our favourite activity but what are the most popular sporting events in the world? According to Rhino Car Hire, here are the top 10 most eagerly awaited events in the sporting calendar.

Whats the source for this?

10) Cricket World Cup

Despite having a massive fan base in India, the Cricket World Cup is not as popular as some might expect. The main reason for this is many cricket fans see the test matches as the ultimate contest, with the Ashes rivalry between England and Australia being particularly popular. Nonetheless, with plenty of excitement and inexplicable force regularly demonstrated in the Cricket World Cup, it still manages to secure a position as the tenth most popular sporting event in the world.

9) Melbourne Cup Horse Racing

The city of Melbourne in Australia plays host to the number one thoroughbred horse race in the country. The event is so popular that it has even been declared a national holiday and Australians up and down the country spend the day placing bets on their favourites. Thanks to its high status, the ‘Race that Stops a Nation’ is now recognised as the world’s richest horse racing event.

F18) Formula 1 Racing, Brazil

Although it’s a global sport with many race tracks all around the world, the Brazilian Grand Prix is one of the most memorable events in the season’s schedule. Having witnessed a magnitude of tight races, chaotic circumstances and adverse weather, F1 fans worldwide notoriously look forward to the Brazilian Grand Prix as it’s guaranteed to bring many surprises and much excitement.

7) Rugby World Cup

Rugby is one of the few sports for which World Cup action displays the very best in terms of performance. While the Six Nations and the Tri-Nations Cup are both exciting in their own right, the chance to see the biggest rugby nations battling it out in the World Cup is unforgettable.

6) Ryder Cup Golf

Ryder Cup golf manages to up the ante when it comes to transatlantic rivalry for many different reasons. Firstly, whilst the Americans tend to dominate many sports due to the size of the country, when it comes to golf, the European nations always give them a run for their money. Secondly, the Ryder Cup is unique in the sense that there is no prize money and participants compete purely for the joy of winning, making it a passionate and exciting event to watch.

5) Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are the oldest sporting event in the world and for many, the most popular. With London playing host last year, the country got to experience the excitement, pride and sense of community that comes with the games. Certain events such as the 100m sprint always command world attention with outstanding performers like Usain Bolt regularly breaking world records.

4) Wimbledon Tennistennis

Thanks to its rich history and tradition, out of the four Grand Slam tennis events, Wimbledon probably has the biggest following. Spectators enjoy the fantastic tennis that grass courts produce whilst sipping on champagne and eating strawberries at the height of British summer.

3) Tour de France Cycling

Despite being heavily overshadowed by doping allegations in recent years, the Tour de France still remains one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Perhaps because there is nothing more exciting and entertaining as watching teams of cyclists participate in such a gruelling event that takes place across thousands of miles of beautiful French landscapes.

2) American Football Superbowl

The Americans make a spectacle out of American Football and there certainly is a good reason for it. It’s very much a stop-start game that is more about tactics than fluid motion. It’s a truly exciting game to watch for many as a combination of intense strategy and bone-crunching hits are regularly witnessed. It’s popularity around the world makes this event an advertiser’s dream as it commands the most expensive television air time in the world.

football match1) Champions League Football

Football is the most popular sport in the world and whilst most people would assume that the World Cup is the ultimate event, the quality of the game is actually much higher in the Champions League. One of the reasons for this is because the players know each other much better than they do in the World Cup and therefore play together more cohesively. With the best teams in Europe competing against each other at an extremely high standard, it’s no wonder the Champions League is the most popular sporting event in the world.

Whats your favourite sporting event that takes place throughout the year? Perhaps it’s one that hasn’t been mentioned on this list? Let us know your thoughts. 

How to Find a Great Venue for Your Event

Anyone who has ever organised any type of event, meeting or get-together will know that choosing the right venue can often make or break the success of whatever it is you’re hosting. Venue selection is often the most challenging part of the process because even the smallest oversight can cause major setbacks for attendees.

There are a number of important things to consider when deciding on a venue for your ‘event’. The first and most obvious thing to bear in mind is the location and where your attendees will be coming from. If you have a number of different groups staggered all over the country, it might be worth considering hosting a number of smaller events across  different locations. People are far more likely to make the effort to attend something if it’s easy for them to get to.

Birthday PartyThe type of event you are hosting is also going to be a big consideration when deciding on your venue. If you’re holding an evening networking event then a room in a pub could be ideal but if you’re holding a children’s party or family club, then a family friendly venue is more appropriate. Think about what is appropriate to your audience and activities.

Don’t forget to think about how many people you are expecting, if you need any special equipment, whether or not there is parking or a train station nearby and if you need any other facilities such as a bar, kitchen, dressing room or stage. There are plenty of venues in your area that can be searched for on the Eventility website. You can even put advanced filters on your search to ensure that only venues that fit your exact criteria will come up.

A lot of people forget that their group or community members can be a great resource for venue ideas. Simply send out a quick message asking for recommendations and you will be surprised how many people are happy to help. Other organisers are also another great source of information because they will have experience when it comes to finding and working with the venues in your area. You can use search on the Eventility site to find other clubs, groups and communities in your area and contact them to see if they have any suggestions for you.

Finally, a great tip when looking for a venue is to consider other businesses that could benefit from hosting your event at their location. For example, if you’re holding a wine tasting club, a small local restaurant or café may be more than happy to accommodate you because chances are that people will buy food and other drinks at some point during the evening. If the venue stands to gain from you being there, it’s more likely that they will offer you, or you can negotiate, a special rate.

If you have any questions about hosting events, clubs, groups or communities check out the Eventility Support Site.